being able to sit around for weeks without anybody talking to you or asking how you are is rough

especially when you’re constantly trying to make sure they’re okay, and you’re falling apart yourself

Sometimes I go to a movie and see two people giggling next to each other and it’s there.

And sometimes I walk to class and over hear two friends talking about their plans Friday night, and it’s there.

When I’m at dinner with my sister and her best friend is with us and they have this ridiculously cohesive humor with each other, it’s there too.

I’m constantly wondering why I don’t have a friendship like that. I don’t always know it, but it hits me in other people’s smiles and inside jokes. I don’t have that and that’s always there.

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I hate it. I hate the fact that people only remember that I’m alive only, only when they want something. Either they need a favor or they want to borrow something or when they feel lonely or when they feel sad. I’m not an object, If you’re my friend be my damn friends every fuckn day, not only when you need me. If you can’t do that then please just forget my existences.
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